Accounts Assistant

Accounts Assistant

Job Description

The Accounts Assistant will play a vital role in supporting the Assistant Manager Finance and the finance department in various accounting and financial tasks. This role involves contributing to the overall efficiency of the finance team by assisting with daily activities and ensuring accurate financial records.

Key Responsibilities

  • Assist in maintaining accurate and up-to-date financial records by recording transactions, entering data into accounting software, and verifying entries.
  • Prepare and process invoices, ensuring they are accurate and compliant with company policies and relevant regulations.
  • Assist in reconciling bank statements, accounts payable, and accounts receivable records to ensure accuracy and resolve discrepancies.
  • Help in tracking and categorizing expenses, ensuring they are properly documented and allocated to the appropriate accounts.
  • Maintain organized and accurate financial documentation, ensuring easy retrieval and compliance with record-keeping standards.
  • Provide general administrative assistance to the finance department, including filing documents and managing correspondence.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Minimum Bachelor’s degree (4 Years) in finance, accounting.
  • Minimum One Year of Experience in relevant field.
  • Basic understanding of accounting principles and financial concepts.
  • Proficiency in using QuickBooks and MS Office applications, especially Excel.
  • Good communication skills to interact with colleagues.
  • Organizational skills to manage multiple tasks and deadlines effectively.

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