Thrive Consulting is a subsidiary of MAGM Ventures

Thrive Consulting is a subsidiary of MAGM Ventures. The Thrive Team boasts a rich, diversified, and professionally savvy background, enabling us to deliver exceptional Human Resource Management and business management services to our esteemed business partners. We aspire to transform HR solutions by paving the way for a Borderless Workforce.

MAGM Ventures

MAGM Ventures Proudly Holds A Legacy Of More Than Two Decades As A Prominent Domestic And International Investment Holding Company. With Diverse Interests Across Various Industries, Including Technology, Real Estate, Financial Services, Media, Solar, Eco-Friendly Building Materials, HR Services, And Manpower Export, It Has Established Itself As A Distinguished Player In The Global Business Landscape.

Welcome to Thrive Consulting

WELCOME to Thrive Consulting, your trusted partner for achieving HR excellence and success. Through our commitment and expertise, we empower businesses to thrive by maximizing their human resources and unleashing their full potential. Seeking to expand your workforce? We enable you to tap into a diverse global talent pool, assisting you find the right individuals to […]